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Everything about Washi (Japanese paper)

  • Washi Origami Christmas Tree

    So you are tempted to start your Christmas Tree Origami journey!  We have created a step by step guide below, there are lots of steps, but easy to ...
  • Japanese Nengajo 年賀状 New Year Tradition

    All you need is a beautiful postcard, a pen and a stamp to make people smile this New Year. While in Japan there isn’t a tradition of sending Chri...
  • Katazome 型染め Printing by Kata Kata

    The ancient art form of Katazome requires a steady hand and attention to detail. We have collaborated with Kata Kata to sell digital printed repl...
  • HOSOKAWA-SHI ホソカワシ

    Hosokawa-shi is one of the oldest papers in the world to be still made in the same way it always has.  It is of such importance that both the Japanese government and UNESCO have recognised this paper.
  • Washi 和紙

    Washi is an authentic Japanese made paper. it was introduced to Japan more than 1,300 years ago.  Washi making is one of the most labour intensive paper making processes in the world.  It is revered and so important that the pronunciation of the word “paper” is the same as “god”.