At Japan Stationery we are passionate about luxury Japanese stationery. Washi translates to handmade Japanese Paper and we think this can not be beaten on quality. Japanese stationery washi masters, are artist, who create bespoke papers that are unique to them. We seek out small producers, that grow their own plants for washi.  Through to environmentally friendly machine made papers using Japanese FSC approved timbers.
The choice is yours, but rest assured with Japan Stationery we have sourced only the best we can find, to make sure you are buying paper and Japanese stationery that you will love writing on and your friends, family and colleagues will love receiving.  A lot of the Japanese Stationery we sell is also exclusive to us outside of Japan.
We are a small family run company with an owner who loves Japanese stationery and paper as well as all things Japanese. Japan Stationery has been building relationships with Japanese Washi studios and stationery producers, to bring exclusive products to the market, as well as some of the most beautiful handmade stationery.
Make Japan Stationery your choice to Give a gift, not just a piece of paper.



At Japan Stationery we are passionate about the environment and our footprint on Earth.  We make sure our stationery respects the local environment.  We also ship all our orders using 100% recycled packaging and don't print invoices or packing notes unless required, to help reduce our waste.  We try our hardest to make sure we don't over use or waste resources as a business.  All our deliveries are also now CARBON NEUTRAL and we are working on making our imported Japanese stationery the same in the immediate future.  While this isn't the solution to our carbon footprint, we believe it is an important step on our journey to having as light a footprint on the planet as we can.
All of our Japanese stationery is as environmentally friendly as we can source.  By the fact a lot of Japanese papers are handmade, makes them much more sustainable with less waste, water and energy used in their manufacture.  Where we buy from people using machine made papers & card, that use wood pulp, this is always FSC approved with a robust sustainability plan in place.  This means the wood pulp comes from managed and sustainable forest, usually locally to the mill in Japan.   They often have additional projects to help reduce their footprint on the planet like waste and water recapture.
The website we run is also carbon neutral.  All the energy used to service the  data and servers is renewable energy.  This is usually a hidden side to the internet with lots of power used to run the computers needed for the website.  We have worked to make sure we are only using renewable energy to meet our needs.
We try our upmost to make our Japanese stationery as environmentally sustainable as possible, with current technology.  There is no end point to efforts to source more and more environmentally sustainable stationery.  This is a journey we strive to constantly improve on, giving you the confidence to buy knowing we looking after the planet as much as possible.



Japan Stationery was first started from a love of quality Japanese stationery and all things Japanese. We source our products from some of the best washi masters and work with small independent crafts men and women.  We always make sure we pay them a fair price for their stationery.  We also endeavour to charge our customer a fair price, taking a small cut in the middle for our work sourcing and importing this beautiful Japanese stationery for you.

If you would like to email us about anything on our website, stationery, or have questions for us, please feel free to use the Contact Us page or email