Washi Origami Christmas Tree

So you are tempted to start your Christmas Tree Origami journey!  We have created a step by step guide below, there are lots of steps, but easy to make if you take your time.  Read over the below first before you start, then enjoy the magic of creating something 3D from paper...the art of Origami!



Origami Christmas Tree
If you would like to buy this semi transparent washi to make your Christmas tree Click Here.  If you choose to use your own paper, make sure it is thin, strong and of good quality.

Step 1:

Fold the paper diagonally to the other side and cut off the excess strip along the bottom to form a square.

The sheet should look like this.

Step 2:

Fold the square the other direction corner to corner.

Step 3:

Now fold the opposite way square on.

Step 4: 

Then fold the opposite sides together.

The sheet should look like this.

Step 5:

Fold corner to corner and push in the sides to create a diamond.  Can make the diamond flat on the table like the above then fold the other diamond on top.

The sheet should look like this.

Step 6:

Take the corner and fold into the centre line.  Repeat this on all four corners.

The sheet should look like this.

Step 7:

Cut off the triangle along the bottom to form the base.

Step 8: 

Unfold the flaps and pull open the pouch.

Step 9:

Fold this pouch back in on itself so that you create two flaps.

Step 10:

Cut slits along the edges of the flaps.  Can cut through several together to keep it even.

Step 11: 

Fold down the corner of the cut to create a folded triangle.  This creates the tree branches.

Step: 12

Repeat Step 11 on all edges and spread out to make each flap evenly to create your tree.

Now enjoy decorating your house with some of these beautiful paper trees!
Origami Paper Christmas Tree decorations. Japan Stationer

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