Handmade Letter paper with Stamped Lines. 25 Sheets

Ogawa Washi

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Luxury handmade letter writing Ogawa paper, with hand stamped writing lines. The paper has a warm consistent textured handle and would be the perfect quality for ballpoint pen ink. There is a hand stamped line and boarder on each sheet to write out your letter neatly. This washi is a great choice for a short letter and fits perfectly into a standard C6 envelope without being folded. The paper is handmade in the Ogawa region, renowned for it’s high-grade washi, this paper is made from 100% Kozo fibres locally grown.


Colour: Natural Cream with tan hand stamped lines

Dimensions: 100mm x 140mm* (25 sheets)

Weight: 5g*

Paper: 100% Kozo (Mulberry) fibres

 The Perfect Envelope Partner PLAIN and NEON.


(* Handmade may vary)

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