Fish & Sea life Wrapping Paper A4. 6 Sheets

Kata Kata

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Japanese Katazome print wrapping paper.  This katazome print is a handmade and printed artwork that is then digitally printed onto this Japanese paper.  The wrapping paper has a beautiful lustre typical of Japanese paper and is the perfect thickness to wrap presents easily.

The pack some with 2 different designs of Fish & Sea life, with 3 sheets of each design in A4.  The perfect wrapping paper to use, to wrap that important present.

Read more about Katazome Printing Here

Colour: Natural White paper

Dimensions: 297mm x 210mm (A4 x 6 sheets)

Weight: 7g

Paper: Machine made using locally sourced raw materials.

Environmental Credentials of the Stationery:

The paper used for Kata Kata stationery is machine Made in Japan with a company that respects the local environment and their workers through robust and transparent ethical and environmentally friendly policies.  They are reducing their energy consumption over time, recycling and reuse waste material where possible and are taking active protective measures to stop environmental pollution.  They also participate in a re-forestation program in Japan, where the raw materials are sourced, to protect the native forests for future generations to come.

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