Ditsy Cherry Blossom Printed Handmade Paper

Yuzen Paper

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Yuzen patterns were originally designed for kimono textiles.  They are very intricate repeat patterns that usually included metallic inks.  This paper is also sometimes called Chiyogami paper which has a different historical past.

This paper is handprinted with silk screens.  The design has a navy background with small white, red and yellow cherry blossom flowers.  All outlined with a metallic Gold ink.

Colour: Navy with Red, Yellow & White.  Also included Metallic Gold Ink

Dimensions: 470mm x 310mm*

Weight: 16g*

Paper: Washi hand-made & Silk screen printed paper


(*Handmade may vary slightly)

The paper is shipped rolled in a triangular tube to help stop fold lines. This paper qualifies for a Large Paper delivery charge.

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