Dianthus Flower Handmade Watermark Paper White

Ogawa Washi

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Dianthus Flower white ‘Sukashi’ watermarked paper. The washi is handmade with a specially designs stencilled mould to create the detailed pattern. Washi Master Fumie has been making Ogawa paper by hand since 1995 in her small studio. She grows her own Kozo and uses only locally grown plants for her washi to make sure it is of the highest quality. This handmade washi has a smooth lustre and beautiful detail to the watermarked pattern.

Colour: White Watermarked Dianthus Flower

Dimensions: 410mm x 310mm*

Weight: 5g*

Paper: 100% Home grown Kozo (Mulberry) & Susnset Hibiscus. Soda Ash

(*Handmade may vary slightly)

The paper is shipped rolled in a triangular tube to help stop fold lines. This paper qualifies for a Large Paper delivery charge.

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